• meat sandwich
  • sandwich on the table with cheese
  • ceiling decoration



Our concept began years ago when we realized the simplicity of the meatball, and how it is a comfort food cherished across all age groups and cultures. So many of us grew up with our Grandmothers making Sunday dinner where "The Meatball" was the simple and delicious focal point of the entire meal! Our chef has taken his inspiration from those fond memories of food and family and with the freshest ingredients has developed meatballs, salads & sides to satisfy everyone in your family.

In creating our first "That Meetball Place" on Main Street in Patchogue in 2014, we were able to provide that great vibe where friends and families gather together to enjoy fresh, simple and delicious food. We are also proud to be a part of the revitalization of Patchogue, a booming Main Street Village.

So, come on down and have a "BALL" with us! We have so much to offer: bringing people together in our warm environment with a chic vibe. Join us for lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch or cocktails on our outdoor terrace and lounge.