Delicious Balls of Fun

January 31, 2014

Long Island Press, February, 2014  — Enjoying fun food in a wonderful atmosphere reaches new heights at the newly opened That Meetball Place on Main Street in Patchogue. No pun intended, we had a ball.

This cozy, one-of-a-kind restaurant delivers creative menu options of tasty food—in moist, juicy balls of goodness—along with a variety of delicious sides.

Initially, I was intrigued by their catchy name so cleverly spelled with two “E”s in “Meetball.” I knew it was an eatery that just had to be tried. As I entered the stylish new restaurant to “meet” waiting friends (two “E”s also, get it!?), I was treated to the mouthwatering aroma of Italian-style meatballs. Its comforting fragrance set my expectations soaring and created an ear-to-ear smile upon my large face. That Meetball Place was founded by four childhood friends and is beautifully designed, with rustic bricks direct from New York City complementing exquisite oak from an actual barn in Pennsylvania and flatscreen TV monitors on every wall. The warm and inviting aura of the place is punctuated by numerous seating options—including a large, memorable community-style table—that further the all-encompassing good vibe.

Joining my friends around one such table, the friendly staff soon brought us draft beers, wine, and exciting cocktails. They were the perfect beginnings to some really good conversation. Glancing around, other patrons in the barstyle setting were also clearly having great times. What a place!

Then it was time for the main event, the Meetballs. The rousing new concept allows the foodie in everyone to indulge on their favorite style ball of food from the “Pick It” menu, which includes classic meatballs, chicken, veggie, seafood and spicy Mediterranean balls amongst nine choices. Once you choose your favorites, then you pick a sauce, such as spicy marinara, mushroom cream, pesto, spicy Asian, Pancetta Cream, Cool Tzatziki—or you can go with no sauce at all, a Plain Jane. From there, you also select your favorite form of delivery: in a bowl ($9), over pasta ($14), a slider with or without cheese ($3-$3.50), French baguette ($9) or a multi-grain Artisan roll ($8). You could even have an add-on or two, a scoop of fresh Ricotta or Mozzarella ($1.50), or a fried egg ($1)!

The fun is in the many combinations and choices, as well as matching them with the many dipping breads and sauces. Each dish explodes with flavor and satisfaction, guaranteed. That Meetball Place serves fresh, high-quality food that is addicting and so much fun to eat. After the appetizers, we were introduced to some amazing salads ($5-$14), tasty soups ($5), tantalizing subwhiches ($12-$15) and a sidebar that just made my day, offering Dynamite Fries ($5) to Brocolli Rabe ($ 7), Risotto ($5), Homemade Smashed Potatoes ($ 5) and lots more.

Totally content, we all agreed to try the spicy wings the next time we “meet” (Get it!? I laugh myself silly sometimes!) at The Meetball Place. I will remember its truly scrumptious dessert choices—including the Peanut Butter, Jelly and Nutella Waffle Dipped Sandwich and Hot White Chocolate Chip Iron Skillet Cookie with Schlag for a long, long time!

We all agreed, That Meetball Place is an amazing gathering spot that is sure to not only squelch your hunger, but these cold wintery days—and turn them into delicious, irresistible fun, fun, fun! Bring your friends or go it solo, That Meetball Place is truly marvelous!